I won’t be doing a podcast or long blog entry today. I’m working on some projects I hope to share soon and also will be spending time with family this evening. I’ll definitely post more next week. Have a great week.

I’m happy for my daughter, Amanda Spriggs, who was engaged on 7/1/2020 to Will Reid. May your lives together be blessed and full of joy.

Blakiston’s Fish Owl is the largest extant owl by mass. It lives in the Northern-most island of Japan, Hokkaido (and some parts of Russia). A large female can weigh 10 pounds and have a wingspan over 6 feet.

Video of Owl Eating Fish

It’s been a busy Monday. This week will go by fast if all the days are like today.

Happy Father’s Day 2020. Thank you to all dads who love and invest in your children.

I’m thankful for a restful weekend to enjoy. I’m listening to the soundtrack from the film De-lovely. I love to listen to Cole Porter’s music and I liked the film.

Happy Juneteenth Day.

I have read most of Michael Connelly’s books. I think Amazon did a great job with the Bosh series.

Another day working from home. Busy day, but no commute leaves time to enjoy dinner and a movie with my wife (at home of course). We are watching season 5 of Bosh on Amazon.

I have been back in the office the past week after working from home for 3 months. It has been good to reconnect with coworkers. Tomorrow I go back to working from home again for a few days. I look forward to no commute. There are pros an cons with everything in life.

Graduation was different during the epidemic. There was no speaker. Cars lined up and students received their diploma as their names were called.

I am proud of my daughter, Emily Spriggs. She graduated from high school today, 6-15-2020.

Because we don’t know when we will die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. Yet everything happens only a certain number of times, and a very small number really.

– Paul Bowles

My wife and I exercised at the park and now we are having fajitas for dinner. We have a busy day tomorrow as our 18 year old daughter graduates from high school. It will be a drive thru graduation.

My wife and I just finished some chores. We are going to get some exercise at the park and enjoy the beautiful weather today.

My dog, Lux, is enjoying a wonderful Sunday morning. Life is beautiful.

Hi, I’m Dave Spriggs. I am married and have two adult daughters. I enjoy chess, jazz, the outdoors, reading, and learning new things. I am a psychologist and see patients in North Carolina. I will give micro.blog a try and if I like it, plan to migrate my social media.