Episode 006 - Does going to church make sense?

Dr. Dave reflects on changes in church attendance. Does going to church make sense?

Episode 005 - Coping with Diverse Viewpoints - From Many, One

In Episode 005 - Coping with Diverse Viewpoints, Dr. Dave discusses the stress that can come from social media and news reports that differ from our own values. How do we respond to friends and family who hold different viewpoints?

004 - The Power of Remembrance

In Episode 004 of Dr. Dave’s Reflections, Dr. Dave discusses “The Power of Remembrance” and how remembrance can help move us on our journey of personal growth.

Dr. Dave's Reflections - Episode 0003 - Three ways we sabotage ourselves.

It’s Sunday, June 28th, 2020 and this is Episode three of Dr. Dave’s Reflections. Our topic today is three ways we sabotage ourselves.

Dr. Dave's Reflections 0002 - Happy Father's Day 2020 - Time to Slow Down

In episode 2 of Dr. Dave’s reflecttions, Dr. Dave reflects on the need to slow down and be more mindful. Happy Father’s Day 2020.

DrDave’s Reflections 0001: Three Months Of Social Distancing, 2 Weeks Since Mr. Floyd’s Death

Hi, I’m DrDave. I’m a psychologist, husband, and dad. I have two adult daughters. In my first podcast, I share reflections on culture, spirituality, and personal growth. Thanks for tuning in!

How has 3 months of social distancing impacted you? How have recent events impacted your view of race and culture?